With the advancement of global energy transformation, the photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly. As an important part of photovoltaic modules, industrial hoses undertake the important tasks of transporting sunlight and protecting lines. Then next, let me introduce you some typical industrial hoses in photovoltaic.

Silicone hose

Silicone hose is a commonly industrial hose in the photovoltaic industry. It has good high temperature, aging, acid and alkali resistance. In the production process of photovoltaic modules, silicone hoses are mainly to transport high temp liquid, gas and other mediums. In addition, silicone pipe also has excellent electrical insulation property. Therefore, it can effectively prevent the performance degradation of photovoltaic modules caused by high temperature or humid environment.

industrial air hose

Fluororubber hose

FKM hose has excellent high temperature, oil, wear, acid and alkali resistance. Therefore, it can transport mediums in high temp, high pressure and high pollution environments. FKM hoses can be in different lengths, diameters and shapes according to actual needs. Thus it meets the requirements of various working conditions.

Polyurethane hose

PU hose has wear and pressure resistance with high strength. Therefore, it is suitable for the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic modules. Polyurethane hoses can be customized with colors, logos, etc.

industrial hose

Stainless steel metal hose

Stainless steel hose has excellent corrosion and wear resistance. Therefore, it is suitable for the protection of photovoltaic modules during installation, transportation and operation. Stainless steel metal hoses can be customized with different connection methods and lengths. While this ensures the safe and stable operation of photovoltaic modules.

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