PVC conduit is very similar to a power supply principle maintenance material. In general, the cable is turned over the PVC conduit and then the PVC conduit is handled wisely. The wire conduit itself serves as the fire sleeve and protector. And it has a safety protection effect on electric wires. Pushing the cable in this way will not cause danger even if it is discharged.

PVC line pipe installation method

When we use a fixed bracket, we usually install a fixed bracket at an upper and lower height of 1m. When you use a fixed slot, you generally assemble support points at an upper and lower height of 1m.

The support point is the area where the groove is fixed. The distance is set according to the specs of the groove.

corrugated suction hose

1. For a wire tube of 25mm*20mm, a support point should have at least 2 fixing screws.

2. For a 25mm*30mm wire tube, there should be at least three fixing screws on one support point. And they should be in the shape of a ladder. This will cause the line pipe load-bearing plate points to be scattered all over.

3. In addition to the support points, 2 holes should be drilled up and down every 1m. After the wiring is completed, bundle your own Category 5 twisted pairs. If the wall is covered with PVC conduit, the distance between the support points of the conduit is generally 1m.