As the name suggests, the vacuum cleaner hose is a pipe used in various vacuum cleaners. Of course, this kind of pipe is not only used in everyone’s lives. With the development of the industry, its functions increases and the types also increase. Thus it gradually enters the industrial field. Then what is the main function of a vacuum tube? How to maintain it during use? Then let me introduce you next.

flexible vacuum hose

The main functions of the vacuum cleaner hose

In today’s industry, many vacuum cleaner tubes are very durable. So they can allow users to save more time, money and energy. In general, a good vacuum cleaner tube will use very good material. Thus both elasticity and strength can reach the highest standards of use. The main function of the vacuum cleaner tube is to make the vacuum cleaner professional and effective. Operation, of course, during use, some problems may occur due to lack of maintenance for a long time.

How to maintain vacuum hoses during use

When the vacuum cleaner is running, the motor can form a low pressure area in the dust filter bag. According to the principle of air flow, a pressure difference will be formed. That is, under this effect, the inhaled dust will have a negative impact on the dust passing through it. From the elbows, hoses and joints to the final dust filter bag. As the vacuum cleaner serve for a long time, the dust collection ability of the vacuum cleaner will decrease. When this problem occurs, you should maintain the vacuum hose.

vacuum cleaner hose

You should promptly clean the debris and vacuum tubes in the vacuum cleaner barrel. Besides, see if there is any air leakage or perforation. If there is, change a new hose at once. Besides the hose and cleaner, check the joint in detail. Contact Hiteck and learn more.