With the growth of economy, the level of people’s living life grows fast. And recent years, car becomes a common consumer good for people. But at the same time, the traffic accidents are more and more. As one of the parts in a car, the brake system plays an important role. While in the brake system, the air brake hose is the key part. Then next, let me introduce you the working principle and material of auto brake hose.

sae j1401 brake hose

Working principle of automobile brake hose

The automobile brake hose is a hose that connects the various components of the automobile brake system. It is an important component of the automobile brake system. Its main function is to transfer brake fluid. It enables the brake cylinder, brake master cylinder, brake shunt valve, brake and other components to work normally. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, the brake fluid is transferred to each brake cylinder through the brake hose. Thereby achieving the effect of vehicle braking.

Material of automobile brake hose

The main material of automobile brake hose is rubber. Specifically, EPDM ethylene propylene rubber is used. This rubber has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance and explosion-proof pipe. In addition, it has a relatively long service life. Thus it can ensure normal operation in high temperature and harsh environment. There is also a reinforce layer inside the brake hose. While it is usually a steel wire braided layer or a steel wire spiral layer. This is to improve the strength and pressure resistance of the hose. In addition, the automobile brake hose also needs to have sufficient pressure resistance and airtightness. Then it can withstand the high pressure in the brake system and ensure the sealing of the brake medium.

automotive brake hose

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