Paint delivery hose is an indispensable part in the coating industry. While the choice of its material is crucial. In the past years, the material of paint spray hose has undergone many innovations.

In the early days, paint spray gun hose was mainly made of natural rubber. It is elastic and suitable for low-viscosity paint delivery. However, with the development of the coatings industry, the limitations of natural rubber hose are gradually obvious. For example, natural rubber hoses are easily deformed and wear out quickly at high temp and high pressure. Besides, it is not ideal for long distance use.

spray hose

To meet the demand for high performance coatings, the coatings industry began developing new paint delivery hoses. There are currently two main new materials on the market, PU and silicone. PU hose has excellent wear, pressure and high temp resistance. And it is suitable for coatings of various viscosity. Silicone hose is corrosion resistant. Thus it is suitable for corrosive paints.

When choosing a paint delivery hose, you also need to consider the actual application. For example, in wood coating, the paint contains a large amount of solvents. Thus it requires high corrosion resistance. On such occasion, PU hose becomes the first choice. In electronic coating, the composition of coatings is complex. Thus it asks for better wear resistance. Then a silicone hose will be better.

In a word, the material selection of paint delivery hoses is the result of the paint industry’s continuous pursuit of innovation and adaptation to market changes. From natural rubber to PU, each new generation of products brings higher efficiency and more eco-friendly production methods to the industry.