PU steel wire hose is very important in production and is related to production safety issues. It was originally used in vacuum cleaners. Later, with the development of various types and powerful functions. Therefore, it occupies a place in industrial production. In today’s industry market, many PU steel wire vacuum hoses are well guaranteed in terms of durability. Therefore, it allows users to save more time and energy in maintenance. Under normal circumstances, a good PU steel wire vacuum hose will use very good raw materials. Therefore, both elasticity and strength can reach high standards of use. The main function of the PU steel wire vacuum hose is to allow the vacuum cleaner to run professionally and effectively. Of course, during use, some problems may occur because it has not been professionally maintained for a long time.

PU duct

How to maintain your PU steel wire duct hose

When the vacuum cleaner is running, the operation of the motor inside the device can create a low-pressure area in the dust filter bag. According to the principle of air flow, a pressure difference will be formed between the inside and outside. That is to say, under this effect, the inhaled dust passes through the elbow, hose and connector to the dust filter bag behind. As the vacuum cleaner is used for a long time, the dust collection ability of the vacuum cleaner will decrease. When this kind of problem occurs, everyone should pay attention to maintaining the PU steel wire vacuum hose.

During the maintenance process, users should promptly clean the debris in the vacuum cleaner barrel and the PU steel wire vacuum hose. Vacuum cleaners must be cleaned rigorously after each work. And check carefully to see if there are any air leaks or holes in the PU steel wire vacuum hose. If this happens, replace it in time. After using the device, you need to wrap the power cord around the hook on the top cover of the machine. Also check the power cord and plug for any damage.

PU duct

It is not only necessary to maintain the pipelines, but also pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of the interface between the vacuum cleaner and the pipelines. In this way, the service life of the PU hose can be extended.