In the last piece, I introduced you the working principle and material of car brake hose. While in this piece, let me show you the production process and precautions of brake pipe.

Production process of car brake hose

The excellent properties of rubber allow automobile brake hoses to remain stable in various harsh environments. In addition to the rubber material itself, the production process of automobile brake hoses also has many requirements.

air brake hose

First, in terms of material selection, in addition to EPDM, a certain proportion of additives such as carbon black and sulfur will be added. This can enhance the wear resistance and tensile strength of the rubber. The ratio of these additives has been strictly calculated. Therefore, while meeting the service life, the brake hose has good wear resistance and tensile strength.

Next is the production process of automobile brake hoses. Generally speaking, the production process of brake hoses can be divided into the following steps. First, EPDM is mixed with additives. After the rubber mixer is used to mix rubber, a uniform rubber material is formed. Then, the refined rubber is placed in the mold and the required brake hose substrate is pressed out by the calender. Next, the substrate is coated with inner and outer layers. The coating material is generally polyurethane or nylon to increase the pressure resistance of the brake hose.

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Precautions for the use of automobile brake hose

1. Regularly check whether the brake hose has aging, wear, cracks, etc. At the same time, check for leaks and looseness.

2. In daily use, be careful to avoid severe bending, twisting, compression and friction of the brake hose. Because these will cause damage to the hose or performance degradation.

3. When repairing or replacing the brake hose, choose a famous brand. In addition, install and adjust according to the specs.

4. During use, keep the brake system clean and dry. At the same time, avoid debris and moisture from entering the brake system. Because they can affect the braking effect and safety.