Absorb and buffer vibration

Stainless steel metal hose has good flexibility. Therefore, it can absorb and buffer the vibration of the pipeline system and reduce the impact of vibration on the system. In the fields of machinery, chemical industry, food processing, etc., the use of stainless steel metal hose helps to improve the stability and service life of equipment.

stainless steel hose

Reduce noise

The inner wall of the stainless steel metal hose is smooth and not easy to generate noise. At the same time, its flexible structure can also reduce the noise caused by fluid impact. In the process of fluid transportation, such as pumps, compressors, and ventilators, the use of stainless steel metal hose can effectively reduce noise and improve the working environment.

Special functions

In some specific occasions, such as water supply, drainage, heating and other pipeline systems in high-rise residential buildings. Due to reasons such as building foundation settlement and equipment vibration, shock absorption and noise reduction measures are required. Stainless steel hose can effectively reduce the vibration and noise of the pipeline system. And improve the comfort of living and working environment.

metal hose

In summary, stainless steel metal hose is widely used in shock absorption. It can be applied to various pipeline systems to absorb and buffer vibration, reduce noise, and improve the stability and safety of equipment. At the same time, metal hose is also resistant to temperature and corrosion. Besides, it is easy to install and maintain. This makes it an important piping material in the field of vibration and noise reduction.

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