Wire hose plays a very important role in many applications. In order to make steel wire hoses have more different functions, steel wire hoses are produced with many different materials. These steel wire hoses of different materials have different characteristics. Its functions are of course even more different.

The main application of PVC steel wire hose is in industry. A large amount of conveying work is completed through this kind of steel wire hose. Such as chemical raw materials and industrial oils.

pvc steel wire hose

Four points that should be paid attention to when using PVC steel wire hose:

1. When PVC hose is used for small-diameter pipes, professional solvents must be used for pasting. to improve the stability and hardness of its interface. Otherwise, it is easy to cause leakage during use, affecting its normal function and reducing work efficiency.

2. When installing large-diameter PVC hoses (pipe diameter greater than 100mm), you should first use the rubber ring interface and arrange for personnel to cut the pipe sleeve part. At this time, pay attention to keeping the incision clean and tidy. Otherwise, it will cause unnecessary trouble to the construction workers during installation.

3. PVC steel wire hose is not suitable for use in high temperature environments. Otherwise, it is easy to release harmful gases and substances to the human body, causing environmental pollution. It may also cause changes in fluid delivery. Therefore, when using PVC steel wire hose, you need to pay attention to its installation environment.

steel wire reinforced PVC hose

As a deformable hose, steel wire hose has the characteristics of a hose. Although the main application range of steel wire hoses is in industrial production, steel wire hoses are actually not uncommon in daily life. Common ones include transparent steel wire hoses and PVC steel wire hoses.