Vacuum hose is a common industrial hose. It is widely used in air supply, exhaust and dust removal in harsh working conditions. Such as machine room, basement, tunnel, municipal plumbing projects, fire rescue and smoke exhaust. From the usage, cleaner hose can be a kind of material handling hose.

vacuum hose

Features of the dust collection pipe

The flexible vacuum hose has a PVC square bone helix outside. Thus it can resist abrasion. With a smooth inner wall, it can prevent clogging. Besides, the flexible plastic hose is light in weight. What’s more, it makes the hose more strong.

The clear dust collection pipe is easy to install and use. While if you need to transfer abrasives, there may be static. But you don’t need to worry about this. Because such vacuum hose belongs to anti static suction hose. Then it can prevent material blocking caused by static.

The dust can bear high pressure and vacuum. Besides, it has good bend ability. While the bending radius is almost equal to outer diameter.

flexible vacuum hose

Industrial Vacuum Hose

It is ideal for indoor suction and exhaust. The vacuum cleaner hose is also suitable for dust collection. Besides, it is ideal for coal mines, pits for convey and exhaust. At the same time, it is for textile machines to convey dust, gas and liquid. While the dust extraction hose is also ideal for chips.

Such plastic hose can act as a PVC suction hose for water suction. It can also convey powder, wood chip and particle. Besides, the anti static hose can be a conduit hose to protect wire. In addition, dust collection tubing is ideal for gravel, fines, useless glass and chip.

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