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Washdown Hose has a seamless polyester tube, a 1 or 2 layers of synthetic fibre braid reinforce and a polyether-urethane cover. It is commonly used in food factory to do the clean work. For example, dairy.

washdown hose washdown hose
washdown hose washdown hose

Inner Core: Neutral color seamless polyester tube

Reinforcement: one or two braids of high tensile synthetic fiber

Cover: High abrasion, mold and fungus resistant polyether-urethane

Temperature:-40℉ to+122℉

The hose is for wash down service in dairy, creamery, packing house and food plants. It has a white EPDM cover that is abrasion and scuff resistant. Its black EPDM tube will handle 200°F water up to 50 PSI.

Washdown Hose Application:

The rubber water hose is for general clean-up and hot water cleaning service in dairy, meat packing house, creamery and food plants. The use of premium materials gives longer service life under high temp use.

Temperature: -32°C to +82°C (-70°F to +180°F)

WashDown Hose Features:

1.Ozone and heat resistant
2.Fungus and mould resistant
3.Longer service life


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What is a wash down hose?

A wash down hose is a type of hose that is designed to be used for cleaning and sanitizing in various industries such as food processing, dairy, and manufacturing. It is typically made of durable materials that can withstand high pressures, hot water, and harsh chemicals.

What is the hose used for?

Dairy wash down hose is primarily used for cleaning and sanitizing equipment, surfaces, and workspaces in various industries such as food processing, dairy, and manufacturing. It is designed to handle hot water, high pressure, and harsh chemicals to effectively remove dirt, debris, and contaminants. The use of a washdown hose can help maintain cleanliness and hygiene, prevent cross-contamination, and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

Can I use a regular garden hose for washdown purpose?

No, it is not recommended to use a regular garden hose for washdown purposes. Garden hoses are not designed to withstand the high pressures, temperatures, and harsh chemicals commonly used in industrial cleaning applications. Using a garden hose for washdown purposes can result in hose failure, which can cause injury or damage to equipment. Always use a hose specifically designed for washdown applications.

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