High temperature resistant hose is a special type of rubber tube. It has excellent high temp resistance and chemical stability. Such rubber hose is widely serves in various harsh conditions such as high temp, high pressure and corrosion.

Advantages of high temperature resistant hose

Excellent high temp resistance

Such industrial hose adopts special material that can maintain its physical property and chemical stability at high temps. Compared with ordinary rubber pipes, it can withstand higher temps and are not easy to deform, soften or degrade. Thus it has a longer service life than other hoses.

high temperature duct hose

Strong chemical stability

High temp rubber hose has good chemical stability. And it can resist the erosion of various acids, alkali, salts and other chemicals. During the work, it can prevent corrosion and damage to the pipes caused by chemicals.

Good mechanical property

High temp resistant rubber pipe has good mechanical property. Such as high elasticity, pressure resistance, tensile strength, etc. This makes it stable and reliable to withstand mechanical stress such as pressure, stretching and bending.

rubber air hose

Easy to install

The design and manufacturing process of such flexible rubber hose make them easy to install. Thus it can adapt to various complex piping systems. It is highly flexible and light in weight. Thus you do not need special tools to install it. Then you can save much cost and time.