PVC welding hose is the hose that specially designed for welding work. It includes 2 part, an oxygen hose and an acetylene hose. Then let me show you the properties of such hose.


PVC welding hose is made from robust PVC. Thus the hose is highly durable and resistant to wear and abrasions. While this makes it ideal for tough work conditions.


PVC welding hose is highly flexible. Thus it’s easy to operate and routine. Besides, this enables the welder to reach various welding positions.

Kink Proof

These hoses are often reinforced with high-strength synthetic fiber. While this makes it kink proof. Besides, this ensures a consistent flow of gases without restriction caused by kink.


PVC welding hose is compatible with welding gases such as oxygen and acetylene. Besides, it will not react with these gases and can safely transfer them.

Light in weight

PVC welding hose is very light in weight. Thus it’s easy to carry and handle. In addition, it helps reduce the fatigue for the welder. Then allow for more extended periods of work without strain.

Flame proof

PVC welding hose is flame retardant. Because it’s to deliver flammable gases. Thus it must has the properties that help resist heat and flame during welding.


PVC welding hose is more affordable compared to other types of welding hoses. For example, rubber welding hose. This makes it an economical choice for welders, especially light duty welding work.

Easy to maintain

PVC welding hose is easy to maintain. It resists corrosion, rust and degradation. While you can  easily clean it with mild detergent and water. Then regular care and proper storage can prolong the lifespan.

From above we can see that PVC welding hose has many advantages. If you have any questions about welding hose, feel free to contact we Orient. We works on hoses since 2006 and will offer you the best solutions.