Nowadays, more and more people own a car. During the use, there will be some problems on the car. But most people don’t know what cause these problems. In this piece, let’s analyze what cause car air conditioner tube freeze. Then let me show you the solutions.

Reasons that cause car air conditioner tube freeze

The first reason for the ice is that there is air in the car ac pipe. When the evaporation temp is very low, the moisture in the air will freeze. Then it will cause the air conditioner to freeze and block. AC tube for car can also freeze when there is not enough snow. Then there will be ice there. And when the evaporator or the return air filter is dirty and block, there will also be ice in the air conditioner hose for car.

Second, it may because of the shortage of refrigerant. Do not add refrigerant if the ice will melt after a few seconds. But if the time is too long, add some. When the air conditioner is running, the liquid supply volume of the capillary tube is lower than the normal value. While it will also cause the low-pressure pipe of the air conditioner to freeze. But this is not an air conditioner failure.

ac tube for car

But when we use it, if the refrigerant is short, the evaporation pressure will reduce. Then it will cause the evaporator freeze.

How to solve the freezing problem in car air conditioning pipe

The reason may be that the refrigerant inside the large pipes blocks. While you can clean the pipes and make it work smoothly. While if the large ac hose is pressed to be flat, you can change a new hose. But if there was block in the strainer, you can just clean it. Then the problem can be solved.