Concrete hose is a flexible and wear proof industrial rubber hose. Such abrasion resistant hose is to deliver concrete in the construction site. Concrete pump hose has a certain service life. In general, after delivering 20,000 m3, you should replace the hose with a new one. Besides, during the normal use, there will be various problems. While the most typical problem is that the hose blocks. When that happens, it will greatly affect the construction progress. What’s more, it will cause downtime. Then next, let me introduce you the reasons that cause concrete pump rubber hose block.

concrete rubber hose

Factors that cause concrete hose block

The pump pipe was not lubricated before starting to pump concrete. Then the pump pipe absorb the water in the concrete. Thus this causes pipe blockage.

The aggregate in the concrete is too large or has segregated for a long time. Then this causes pipe blockage.

Air leakage and slurry leakage at the delivery pump pipe interface can cause blockage.

concrete pump hose

The concrete drop is too large to produce free water. Then this increases the friction in the pump pipe and causes pipe blockage.

You may not clean your concrete pipe after the use. The the reserved material inside the hose can cause blockage.