The aging of rubber is a commonplace topic. Rubber aging refers to the process in which the performance of rubber and its products gradually declines and loses its use value due to the combined effects of internal and external factors during processing, storage and use.

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There are three main external factors for rubber aging:

First, physical factors. Aging occurs due to factors such as heat, light, electricity, metal ions, high-energy radiation and mechanical force.

Second, chemical factors. Oxygen, ozone, strong oxidant, inorganic acid, alkali and salt aqueous solutions can cause rubber pipe aging.

Last, biological factors. Microorganism, insect and marine organism will affect rubber hose and cause aging. But this mostly occurs in tropical and subtropical areas.

Aged rubber has obvious external features, such as becoming soft, sticky, hard and brittle. Besides, there will be moldy, spot, crack, frost, powdering and whitening. In terms of performance, the cold, heat, wear resistance, tensile strength, elasticity, insulation, etc. of aged rubber will also decline to varying degrees.

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Aging problem is one of the most common problems on rubber hose. An aged industrial hose may cause hose fail during the use. While this will cause downtime, then leads to a lot of loss. Therefore, the hose manufacturer take a series measures to deal with the aging problem. Want to know the solution for rubber hose aging? Follow Hitech and learn the solution for rubber hose pipe aging.  

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