Silicone hose is a great material in food process and sanitary industry. Because it is nontoxic, odorless

Ultraviolet radiation

Silicone tubes are exposed to the sun for a long time. UV radiation will cause the molecular chains of the silicone tube to break. Then it will fasten aging. Especially under high temp conditions, the intensity of UV is greater. Therefore, the destructive effect on silicone tube is more obvious.

silicone hose assembly


When the silicone hose is exposed to the air, the oxygen in the air will cause an oxidation reaction. This causes yellow spots to appear on the surface. Then it will cause aging.

Chemical corrosion

Silicone hoses will may be get in touch with chemicals during the use. Such as acid, alkali and salt. This causes the performance of the silicone tube to decrease. Besides, it will affect its service life.

Compression deformation

Silicone tubes that have been stressed for a long time will experience a decrease in resilience and irreversible deformation after unloading. This is because the molecular chain of the silicone tube breaks during the stress process. Then this will lead to aging.

silicone steel wire hose

Poor thermal stability

The thermal stability of silicone tubes is poor. When the temperature is too high, the silicone pipe will soften, deform or even burn. While these can cause aging.

Raw material quality issues

The raw material quality of silicone tubes directly affects its aging speed. If the impurity content in the raw materials is too high and the molecular weight distribution is uneven, it will lead to accelerated aging of the silicone tube.