PVC welding hose is a type of hose specifically for welding work. While it adopts durable and flexible PVC as the raw material. The primary purpose of a PVC welding hose is to transfer welding gases from the source to the welding torch. While those include oxygen, acetylene, propane and many others. 

PVC welding hose can work at the rough welding condition. Because it has high-strength synthetic fiber or braid. Then this makes the hose flexible and durable. Besides, this makes the hose resist kink and wear. What’s more, Oxy and acetylene hose has a great formula to be compatible with welding gases. Besides, it can ensure safe and efficient gas flow during welding work.

Usage of PVC welding hose

The main purpose of a PVC welding hose is to transfer welding gases to enable the welding work. It serves as a reliable conduit between the gas cylinders and the welding torch. Then the welder to control the flow of gases and regulate the flame for precise welding work.

Welding hose is a necessary hose for gas and acetylene transfer. But note that you can’t use the hose to transfer other types of fluids. Because it is designed only for welding gases. Thus if there was any chemical inside other mediums, it may hurt the hose. Then it may cause serious accident.

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