TPU hose is thermoplastic polyurethane hose. The inner and outer surfaces are coated with special materials. It has the advantages of high strength, toughness, wear and corrosion resistance. And it widely serves in auto, electronic, medical, aviation and other fields.

Application scenarios of TPU hose

Automobile industry

TPU hoses are most widely used in the automotive industry, such as fuel pipes, brake pipes, air conditioning pipes, etc. In addition, TPU hoses also have important applications in new energy vehicle battery protection and cooling systems, providing strong support for the popularization of electric vehicles.

PU braided hose


TPU hose is used in the electronics industry to protect cables, connectors and other components. As a flexible circuit board (FPC) connection line, TPU hose ensures the stability of signal transmission. At the same time, electromagnetic interference is reduced and product performance is improved. In addition, TPU hoses are also widely used in protective covers of consumer electronics products, headphone cables, etc.

Medical industry

TPU hoses are increasingly used in medical equipment. Due to its biocompatibility and anti-infection properties, TPU hose is widely used in intravascular catheters, respirators, gastrointestinal stents, etc. Provide patients with safe and effective treatment options. On this basis, TPU hoses have also expanded into the field of artificial organs. Such as artificial heart valves and artificial joints.

Aerospace field

TPU hoses are used in the aerospace field to transport gas, fuel, etc. In rocket engine nozzles, aviation hydraulic systems and astronaut life support systems, TPU hoses ensure stable operation under extreme working conditions. At the same time, the application of TPU hoses in the military field has become increasingly prominent. Such as ammunition transportation, tank hydraulic system, etc.

Industrial field

TPU hoses can be used in industrial fields to transport granular materials, powders, etc.