In a car, there will be various hoses. In the brake system, we need a brake hose to deliver compressed air to brake the car. While in the power steering system, we need a power steering hose to assist turn the direction wheel. In the engine, we need an oil hose to transfer fuel. But in other high temp systems, we must use the silicone hose. Because auto silicone hose like silicone elbow and silicone reducer can work at max 220℃. There is another hose which is also important in a car. That is car coolant hose.

What is a car coolant hose

The function of the flexible coolant hose is to ensure that the coolant flows smoothly into the manifold and valve body. The coolant hose adopts a strange tree-shaped multi-branch sub-channel structure. The coolant hose must meets the functions, structural dimensions and performance requirements. Besides, it must also ensures to fully adapt to the extremely complex and compact layout of the engine room.

Car cooling oil is a coolant that has more advantages than traditional coolant (water). Sensitive heat balance capability and super heat conductivity ensure that the engine is at the optimal operating temp. While the ultra-wide temp range prevents boiling. You no need to add antifreeze in low-temp. Besides, it avoids cavitation, scale and electrolysis damage.

coolant hose

Coolant tube is really important in a car system. It can reduce the temp in the engine. Then it ensures that the engine works in a safe condition. Then your driving experience will be good. What’s more, it can ensure that you drive the car safely.

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