In the past, air ducts were used to transport air, which was all cold air. Now some companies have invented high-temp air ducts. This has good high temp resistance and is well received in many fields. It is used in ventilation ducts. And is generally installed in air supply and exhaust in machine room, basement, fire smoke exhaust, etc. It is used to remove smoke and dust, and is resistant to high temp and exhaust.

high temperature duct hose

About the sealing link of high temp ducting

In general, the sealing tap can be heat sensitive tape and pressure sensitive tape. Pay attention to the high temp resistant air ducts before they are sealed with tape. Special spatula shaped binding pins should be used first to fix the joints of the pipes. The spacing between binding pins is 50mm. When binding, the binding pins should be at a slight angle to the seam. Binding pins are only used for fastening the lap joints with flaps. If there is no flap or flat interface, tape tabs should be used to fix it. The maximum tape size is 300 mm, at least one on each side.

When the static pressure load inside the system causes a 1% deflection of the wall, you need to reinforce the high temp duct hose.

Methods to reinforce the high temp duct hose

Anti-sagging method. It is used for the special pipelines, such as variable-warp and circuitous.

Tie rod method. It is reinforced with steel color and casing, and is usually reinforced with positive pressure below 500Pa.

Frame method. That is, it is reinforced with light steel keels.

Embrace method. That is to say, use light steel keels to reinforce. It’s for some special pipes in which tie rod and frame reinforcement can not be applied. Such as 900 elbow, tee pipe, bulkhead pipe, etc.