High pressure hoses are often unstable during production. People who don’t know him well always don’t know how to make the hose stable. Taking unsuitable measures will often have the opposite effect. So what factors will affect the stability of high pressure hose?

In order to improve the property and avoid mechanical damage, you should protect it. For high pressure rubber hose with smaller size, they are mostly in the form of steel mesh sleeves. The number of steel strip spindles is an even number greater than or equal to 4. For manual weaving, as long as it is within this range, it is feasible. But for mechanical weaving, it is difficult. The number of spindles of knitting machines is fixed and can not be adjusted. Therefore, the number of spindles of the steel strip is best determined based on the number of spindles of the existing braiding machine.

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At present, knitting machines include 24, 36 and 48 spindle models. However, they are for weaving wire mesh covers. Woven is a “double flower” pattern. The steel belt weaving is best in a “single flower” pattern. This type of knitting machine can knit steel belt mesh sleeves with only slight modifications. The actual width of the steel strip must be smaller than the theoretical width. The specific value depends on the coverage ratio of the mesh sleeve to the high pressure water hose. The braiding angle is generally 30~45. In order to ensure a certain load-bearing capacity of the hose, you can reduce the braiding angle. The min value of the braiding angle abroad is only 15.

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The value of the braiding angle directly affects the performance of the hose. If take the upper limit, it will be beneficial to exert its softness. But it can not withstand higher loads. While if take the lower limit, it can make the rubber hose bear higher load. But it will not be flexible.

The coverage ratio of the mesh sleeve to the high pressure hose is within the range of 75 to 95%. If the value is too large, the hose will not be flexible. While if the value is too small, it will not be able to protect the hose.