In our daily life, we use many kinds of hoses. While these flexible hoses can be PVC hose, rubber hose, layflat hose or silicone hose. While when not in use, we need to store the hose. Then the storage in winter is essential to prevent hoses from freezing, cracking and damage due to cold. Then here comes the question, where to store hoses in winter?

Where to store hoses in winter

Indoor Storage

The best option for winter hose storage is indoors, preferably in a garage, basement,or storage shed. But if you have a heated workshop or utility room, that’s even better. Indoor storage protects hoses from extreme cold, freezing and exposure to moisture.

PVC air hose

Drain the Hose

Before storing your hose, ensure it is completely drained of water. While this require disconnect it from any water source and allow all the water to drain out. Because this is crucial to prevent freezing and potential damage to the PVC hose or rubber hose.

Coil the Hose

Coil the hose neatly to prevent kinks and tangles. While you can use a hose reel or simply hand-coil it. Make sure it’s not too tight to avoid stressing the hose material.

Elevate the Hose

If storing the hose indoors, consider elevating it off the floor slightly. Then this can prevent it from sitting in any moisture that might accumulate.

Hose Reel

If you have a hose reel, it’s an excellent option for storage. It keeps the hose organized and off the ground. Make sure to disconnect the hose from the water source and the reel’s spigot connection.

Avoid Sunlight

If you store your hose outdoors during the winter, keep it out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause materials to deteriorate over time, making the hose more susceptible to damage.

rubber air hose

Protect Connectors

To prevent damage to hose ends and connectors, you can cap them or use protective covers specifically designed for hose ends.

Insulate Outdoor Faucets

If your hoses are connected to outdoor faucets, consider insulating the faucets to prevent freezing and potential pipe damage.

Use a Hose Bag or Cover

If you need to store hoses outdoors, use a hose bag or cover to protect hoses from the elements. This can help keep them insulated and protected from extreme cold.

With above tips, you can protect your hose well in cold weather. If you want to learn more tips about how to maintain hoses, just contact Hiteck.