Shock absorbing hoses are mainly used to absorb and isolate vibrations. They are widely used in various scenarios that require shock absorption and noise reduction. The main function of Shock absorbing hoses is to reduce vibration and noise in the pipeline system. At the same time, it prevents vibration from affecting the surrounding environment. And improve the service life and safety of the equipment.

Stainless steel metal hoses are a kind of flexible Shock absorbing pipeline with a very high usage rate. It is mainly composed of plastic mesh bags and connectors. Flexible metal pipe has bendability and good heat resistance and pressure resistance. It is suitable for the transportation of various chemical gases, water, crude oil, medicines and other liquid substances such as gas and steam, and plays a key role in the repeated movement of pipelines, thermal expansion system absorption, vibration absorption, and key adjustment of pipelines.

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As a flexible pressure-resistant pipe fitting, stainless steel metal hoses have many Shock absorbing advantages.


Stainless steel hoses can be bent to adapt to different pipeline layouts. In addition, it can absorb and buffer the vibration and reduce the impact on the system.


Compared with traditional rubber hoses, metal hoses are lighter. This not only reduces the total weight of the pipeline system, but also makes it easy to install and maintain.

High temperature resistant

Stainless steel pipe can work stably in high temps. Therefore, it is suitable for various high temp pipeline systems.

Strong corrosion resistant

Stainless steel hose is made of stainless steel material. It has good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of chemicals such as acid, alkali and salt. Then extend the service life.

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Easy to install

The metal hose adopts threaded or flange connection, which is easy to install and can adapt to various complex pipeline layouts.

Easy to maintain

The inner wall of the metal hose is smooth and not easy to accumulate scale. Thus it is easy to clean and maintain. In another hand, it reduces the maintenance cost of the pipeline system.

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