At present, PVC hoses have been widely used in various industries and have become household products. With the development of the times, more and more of our companies have carried out major reforms. PVC hoses can no longer meet the needs of users, and PU plastic hoses have emerged as substitutes. What is going on? Today I will take you to understand the problem here.

pvc steel wire hose

First, let’s take a look at PVC hoses. Its material itself is hard plastic. If you want to achieve the softness required by users, you must increase the amount of plasticizers. The hoses with plasticizer can not reach food grade. This is strictly prohibited in the world. While this limits the scope of use of users.

Let’s take a look at PU plastic hoses. It uses polyurethane as raw material, which is a nontoxic, odorless and eco-friendly. And it can achieve the softness required by customers without adding softeners. PU steel wire hose without plasticizer is popular in many food industries.

grain suction hose

There is a customer who work in the food industry. He always use PVC hose in the past. But in winter, the pipe turns hard and is not able to use. While the most important thing is that the food safety department found that the plasticizer exceeded the standard when it went to test. Therefore, he urgently needs food grade hose without plasticizer. Then we recommend him PU duct hose. As a result, he not only avoid the plaster problem, but also make the food production more smooth.

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