Fuel hose SAE J30 R6 is the flexible rubber hose that connect the oil tank. It is one of the most important part in the power system. But many drivers said that there is leakage on the fuel hose. Why fuel hose leaks? Next, let’s analyze it.

5 tips to deal with the leakage problem on auto fuel hose

First, the quality of SAE J30 R6 fuel hose is poor. While the quality problem may caused by bad material or poor production tech. Besides, there may be problem during the design and structure. To avoid such trouble, you have to choose a reliable hose supplier. For example, Orientflex. It’s a professional auto hose manufacturer which has over 15 year’s experience.

Second, the improper assembly and installation. The unclean surface of parts and broken gasket may cause leakage. Besides, it may not installed based on the regulation. For such occasion, you should clean the parts and replace the broken ones. Then reinstall the hose assembly.

Third, the nut is not tightened and there is slide wire problem. Then it will cause failure. For such problem, you just need check and the nut and tighten it.

auto fuel hose J30 R6 hose

Forth, after long-term use, the sealing material wear out. Besides, it may age and turn bad. Then it cause the leakage in the sealing areas. This problem is very simple to handle. While you just need to change the sealing material.

Last, the auto oil hose breaks. This is a big problem. If you don’t take measures to deal with, the oil will leak in large amount. For such problem, you can clean the broken part first. Then, cover a gum or a piece of soap on the broken point. After that, wrap it with adhesive tape until there is not leakage. After that, change a new oil hose in the repair store.

With above methods, you can effectively deal with the leakage problem on the automotive oil hose. If you want to learn more about the methods on car maintenance, just contact Hiteck.  We will offer you more information about auto fuel hose.