Brake hose SAE J1401 is a flexible rubber hose for brake fluid. Because the usage requires the rubber brake line hose must be flexible. Then let’s learn why brake hose should be flexible.

Articulation and Movement

Vehicles, especially those with multiple sections like tractor trailer, need to articulate and maneuver during normal operation. Then a flexible air brake hoses allows these vehicles to turn, pivot and articulate at various angles. Besides, it will not cause excessive strain or damage.

air brake hose

Suspension Movement

The suspension system undergoes movement as the vehicle travels over uneven terrain, bump and pothole. While a flexible air brake hose adopts these without causing undue stress on the hose. While rigid hoses would be more likely to develop leaks or fail under these conditions.

Connect Tractor and Trailer

In the case of tractor trailer, the trailer section is connected to the tractor by air brake hose. Then the flexible hose is crucial as the trailer follows the movements of the tractor. But if the brake hose SAE J1401 is not flexible, the hoses would not be able to do this between the two sections during turns.

Vibration Dampening

Heavy duty vehicles can experience significant vibration during work. Flexible hoses can absorb some of these and reduce the risk of fatigue failure or damage.

Ease to install

Flexible air brake hose is more easier to install, route, and connect to various parts. While this ensures that the hose is properly positioned and secured. Then it reduce the risk of kink or bend.

air brake hose


Flexible brake hose is less likely to suffer damage from bend and twist. Then it can be durable in a long term.


Properly flexible hoses help maintain the integrity of the air brake system. While too rigid hose could experience premature wear, kink or crack. Then it may lead to air leak or brake system failure.

From above we can see the flexibility of air brake hose is very important. If you want to learn more about the brake hose SAE J1401, just contact Hiteck.