The engine radiator hoses will age and will be easily broken after long-term use. While if the water enters and the radiator hose breaks during the driving, the high temp water will form a large cloud of water vapor and spray out from under the engine cover. When this happens, you should immediately choose a safe place to stop. Then take emergency measures to solve it.

How to deal with the burst problem of flexible radiator hose

In normal cases, when the radiator enters the water, the joint of the hose is most likely to have a crack and leak. On such occasion, you can cut the broken part. Then insert the reserved radiator pipe to the inlet. After that, tighten it with clamps. If the crack is in the middle of the radiator coolant hose, you can wrap the leaking crack with adhesive tape. But you should clean it before the wrap. After the leaking part is dry, wrap the adhesive tape around the leaking part of the hose. The pressure is high when the engine works. Thus wrap the tape as tightly as possible.

If you don’t have tape on hand, you can also wrap plastic paper around the rip first. Then cut old cloth into strips and wrap it around the hose. Sometimes the hose has a large gap, and water may still leak after being entangled. At this time, open the water tank cover to reduce the pressure in the water channel and reduce leakage.

car radiator hose

After taking the above measures, the engine speed should not be too fast. Try to drive at a high gear. Besides, pay attention to the pointer position of the water temperature gauge during driving. If the water temperature is too high, stop the car to cool down or replenish cooling water.

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