In the last piece, we learned the advantages of flexible hose in the decoration. However, it is not suitable for all the procedure during that. For example, it is not suitable for fresh air system. Then next, let me show you why it is not good for the fresh air system.

1.The hose is not as strong as the PVC hard pipe. Besides, it is easy to cut or scratch.

2. Because the hose is folded, the inner wall is not smooth, resulting in relatively large wind resistance and compromised ventilation effect.

tunnel ventilation hose

3. It is also because the internal wind resistance of the hose is large. So the air volume should be larger than that of the host with hard pipes. And the hose can not be sent to too far away or in too many bends. The hard pipe of the central fresh air system is a PVC pipe. The main component is polyvinyl chloride. Besides, there are others to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc. The common sewer pipes in our homes are those. But that is to drain water. While the fresh air system is for ventilation.

Hiteck is an expert in air solution. We can offer you PVC ventilation duct hose which is ideal for basement and industry use. Besides, we can offer you nylon duct and high temp duct to exhaust high temp air. Of course, we can offer you the duct hose for the fresh air system. If you want to know more about the flexible hose, feel free to contact us.