In modern social, many people have a car. While in the car, we can see many hoses and pipes in almost all the systems. In general, these hoses are rubber. For example, rubber brake hose j1401. However, most of the high-end cars use silicone hoses now. Then why these cars use automotive silicone hose to replace auto rubber hose? That’s because of the great properties of silicone pipes as follow.

Heat Resistant

Silicone hoses can withstand high temp better than standard rubber hoses. In high-performance engines, temp can rise greatly, especially in areas close to the engine block or exhaust system. While silicone hoses can handle the elevated temp without degrading or melting. Then it can ensure a reliable performance.

corrugaed silicone hose warehouse


Silicone hoses are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear. They can withstand the stress and pressure in engines.


Car silicone hose is flexible and can be molded into various shapes and sizes. At the same time, it will not compromise its structural integrity. What’s more, this makes it easy to install in tight space and around complex engine component. While this is often necessary in high-end cars.

Chemical Resistant

Silicone hose is resistant to many chemicals and fluids such as oil, coolant and fuel. This helps prevent degradation and leaks over time. Then it can ensure a long service life.

silicone hump hose application


Silicone hoses often have a sleek and polished appearance. This can enhance the aesthetics of high-end engine compartments. This visual appeal is in line with the premium image associated with luxury and high-performance vehicles.

From above we can see silicone hose is the best choice for high-end cars. However, it not means you can buy the hose at will. In fact, you should find a reliable supplier which can provide you high quality hose. Here I recommend you Hitech.