The reason why Teflon hose can withstand high pressure is mainly due to its special internal structure and high-quality materials.

First, the internal structure of Teflon hose adopts a multi-layer composite design. It includes PTFE tube, stainless steel wire mesh reinforcement layer and outer sheath. This design can ensure that the inside of the hose will not break or leak due to excessive pressure. At the same time, the stainless steel wire mesh reinforcement layer can effectively prevent the hose from expanding and shrinking during use. Thereby ensuring the safety and stability of the hose.

PTFE hose

Internal structure

Secondly, Teflon hose uses high-quality materials. Such as PTFE, 304/316 stainless steel, black polyimide, aramid, etc. These materials have extremely high chemical stability and corrosion resistance. Therefore, they can withstand corrosion and erosion from a variety of chemical substances, and can still maintain their original performance and form under high temperature and high pressure environments. In particular, PTFE not only has super corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and pressure resistance, but also has a smooth, inert and anti-adhesion surface. So it can resist the erosion of a variety of organic solvents.

Therefore, Teflon hose has the characteristics of high pressure resistance due to its special internal structure and high-quality materials.

PTFE pipe

Teflon hose

The birth of Teflon hose is undoubtedly a great breakthrough in the history of human science and technology. Its unique properties make Teflon hose have a wide range of application prospects in many industries. However, Teflon material is not perfect. During use, Teflon hose should be protected from wear, aging and other problems.

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