In simple terms, the rubber hose joint falls off when the parts of the hose connection are accidentally detached. This phenomenon may cause construction site shutdown and property loss. It may even endanger personal safety. The main reasons for the hose joint falling off are as follows:

Unsuitable hose joint material

If the selected hose joint material is of poor quality or does not meet the requirements of the use environment, it is easy to cause joint fall off. For example, the material is not strong enough, has poor heat resistance, or is not resistant to chemical corrosion.

hydraulic hose fitting

Unsecured installation of hose joint

If the hose joint is improperly installed, such as not tightened correctly or the tightening force is insufficient, it is easy to fall off. In addition, if the hose joint is not properly inserted or connected in place, it is also easy to cause falling off.

Excessive aging of hose

The rubber hose that have served for a long time is prone to aging. This causes the hose joint to lose its original elasticity and adhesion. Then it is easy to fall off. The reason for the aging of the hose may because of external physical or chemical factors for a long time. These factors can be high temperature, UV radiation, chemical corrosion, etc.

hydraulic hose connector

Unreasonable design of hose joint

The design of some hose joints is unreasonable. An unsteady connection, too large an angle, or too small a bending angle can easily cause the hose to fall off.

Stress concentration on hose joints

During use, if the hose joint is subjected to excessive stress, such as excessive pressure or excessive tension, it can easily cause the hose to fall off.