The reasons for the freezing of low pressure ac tube for car are various. Refrigerant shortage, non-stop compressor, excessive water content and clogged expansion valve can cause air conditioner hose freeze. Because the high-pressure hose has been damaged for a long time. It is may be that water flows in from the ruptured opening of the high-pressure hose. So the drying bottle and expansion valve are to damage. So after replacing the expansion valve and drying bottle, evacuate the air conditioning system again. The first time is more than 20 minutes. Then add an proper amount of refrigerant again. After the trial run, the fault was still there

The air conditioner low pressure gauge is negative

When the expansion valve and low pressure pipeline freeze, the compressor directly sucks the low pressure hose flat. and the low-pressure pressure of the air conditioner reaches a negative value. While it is a state that vacuum the air condition system. But the compressor still works without stopping.

auto air conditioner hose

Low pressure air conditioner hose with flat suction

Later, remove and clean the expansion valve, condenser, compressor and related ac vent tube for car. Besides, also remove the water in the ac hose for car. After reassembly and repeated debugging, no icing occurred and the ac system worked normally.

Drying bottle

When washing the car, water easily flows into the road and then into the compressor. Therefore, after the pipes of other cars damaged. As long as there is no water, you can solve the problem can basically by vacuuming. However, this car has a lot of water in it and can not be drained, which leads to such a malfunction. You still have to think more and carefully when repairing your car.

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