A broken air intake pipe will have no impact on driving. But if you drive for a long time in a damaged state, the throttle valve will easily become dirty. While you can use tape to tie it up and seal it. If the air intake pipe is seriously damaged, you need to replace the air intake pipe.

What is an air intake hose

The air intake pipe refers to the air pipe that transfer the gas required for combustion of the internal combustion engine into the interior of the machine. The air intake pipe must ensure sufficient circulation area. Then avoid turns and sudden changes in cross-section. Besides, it need to improve the smoothness of the pipe surface to reduce resistance. For this reason, a linear intake system is used in high-performance gasoline engines. While linearizing, reasonably design the airway throttling and intake pipe length. In addition, arrange proper pressure stabilizing chamber volume. While these are in order to achieve high speed and high power purpose.

The intake pipe is one of the structural parts that differs most between electronically controlled fuel injection engines and carburetor engines. Because only air flows through the intake pipe of an EFI engine. When designing the intake pipe structure, focus on the dynamic effect of the intake pipe to improve the charging efficiency. In addition, the uniformity of the intake air should also be considered. The air intake system is well dynamically matched with the engine. So that the engine’s torque features can be greatly improved in a wider speed range.

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