Braided rubber hose is flexible with good elasticity. Thus it widely serves in many places. For example, you need a rubber oil hose or fuel hose to deliver petroleum and LPG. While you need a rubber water hose to deliver and discharge water. Then a sewer jetting hose is necessary to clean the pipes. But for hot water and high temp steam, we need a flexible steam hose to deliver them.  

All the flexible rubber hoses has a cover to protect the reinforce and inner tube. However, the soft rubber tubing still has risk to get damaged. While moisture and other abrasives may damage the high pressure rubber hose and industrial hose fittings.

industrial rubber hose

Then how to avoid the damage to reinforced rubber hose?

When using rubber tubing, be sure to follow the advice from the rubber hose manufacturer. And when connect the rubber tube pipe to a machine, use right rubber hose fittings. Besides, never apply force or pressure. Because they may weaken the tubing. While if you need to transfer the nitrile rubber tube to another place, use a vehicle but drag it.

rubber air hose

Focus on the pressure limit of industrial rubber hoses

No matter industrial water hose, oil hose or air hose, they are for special purposes. While each black rubber hose has its own pressure limit. Thus if you use the corrugated rubber hose beyond the limit, it may cause burst or erupt.

You must clean the rubber braided hose pipe after each use. Before that, check if there was any leaks and cracks. Then use a mild soapy solvent with warm water. Never dry the oil resistant rubber hose in the sun or by forced heat.  

chemical rubber hose

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