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Sewer Jetting Hose

Sewer Jetting Hose has a seamless polyester tube, a 1 or 2 layers of high strength fibre braid and a cover. While the cover  protects the hose from abrasion and fungus. It is one of the best choices for s ewer cleaning.

sewer jetting hose sewer jetting hose


Inner Core: Neutral color seamless polyester tube

Reinforcement: one or Two braids of high tensile synthetic fiber

Cover: High abrasion, mold and fungus resistant polyether- urethane.

Application: the hose is designed for use on high pressure sewer cleaning equipment.

Temperature:-40℉ to+122℉

Sewer Jetting Hose

High Pressu re sewer cleaning with high flow rates requires reliable and strong hoses that will not break or tear are all important to performing where  there is an immediate response need. Sewer Jetter Hoses is constructed of rugged materials designed to handle the most severe and demanding conditions. The high pressure jetter hose can work at -40℉ to 122 ℉. Thus it performs well in diverse climates. All hose has yellow polyolefin thermoplastic with a high tensile synthetic fiber reinforce. Abrasion resistant polyether cover is for max strength against cut, wear or even fungus.  The jetter hose is ideal for truck and trailer mounted sewer jetters.

Sewer Jetting Hose Application:

The sewer jetting hose is for use on high pressure sewer jetting equipment.

Temperature: -40℉ to +122℉ (-40℃ to +50℃)

Sewer Jetting Hose 4000 psi Specification

Sewer Jetting Hose 5000 psi Specification

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What is a sewer jetting hose?

A sewer jetting hose is a high-pressure hose that is used in cleaning sewer lines, drainpipes, and other types of plumbing systems. It is usually made of thermoplastic materials that can withstand high pressure and the harsh chemicals used in the cleaning process.

How does a sewer jetting hose work?

A sewer jetting hose works by using high-pressure water to clean out clogs and debris from sewer lines and drainpipes. The hose is connected to a jetting machine that generates the high-pressure water flow. The water is forced through the hose and out of a special nozzle at the end of the hose. The nozzle is designed to create a strong, focused stream of water that can break up and wash away even stubborn clogs.

What are the different types of sewer jetting hoses?

Standard sewer jetting hoses: These are basic, all-purpose hoses that are suitable for most cleaning applications.

Lightweight sewer jetting hoses: These hoses are made from lightweight materials, making them easier to maneuver and handle.

Heavy-duty sewer jetting hoses: These hoses are made from heavier materials and are designed for more demanding cleaning applications.

Anti-static sewer jetting hoses: These hoses are specially designed to prevent static buildup, which can be a safety hazard in certain environments.

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