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Sewer Flushing Hose

Sewer Flushing Hose is specially designed for for sewer clean work with a super high pressure. While the max working pressure reaches to 250 bar. Besides, the hose has excellent wear resistance because it works on t he ground.

sewer flushing hose sewer flushing hose
sewer flushing hose sewer flushing hose
sewer flushing hose sewer flushing hose

Sewer Flushing Hose Details

Inner Core: Neutral color seamless polyester tube

Reinforcement: one or Two braids of high tensile synthetic fiber

Cover: High abrasion, mold and fungus resistant polyether- urethane

Temperature: -40℉ to+122℉

The hose is for high pressure water blasting into sewer lines, clogged drains or cleaning of culverts. The flush hose has a smooth cover to prevent hang ups and snaking through lines. While the tough covers can bear constant drag and abrasion.

Sewer Flushing Hose Application:

The water hose is suitable for sewer cleaning vehicles, for flushing drains and sewers in industry, commerce and infrastructure.

Sewer Flushing Hose Features:

Very cost effective due to its highly abrasion and weather resistant cover. The smooth cover provides a low friction coefficient and is to clean.

Temperature: -35°C to +80°C


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What is a sewer flushing hose?

It is a special hose for cleaning and flushing out sewer lines and other types of drainage systems.

How does the hose work?

A sewer flushing hose works by using high-pressure water to flush out and clean sewer lines and other types of drainage systems. The hose is connected to a water source and a pump, which pressurizes the water and forces it through the hose and into the drain or sewer line.

Can anyone use the hose, or is special training required?

Special training may be required to operate a sewer flushing hose safely and effectively. It is important to follow manufacturer guidelines and industry best practices when using any type of specialized equipment, including sewer flushing hoses.

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