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Food Safe Hoses

Food Safe Hoses are made from food grade material. Generally, it’s natural rubber, nitrile rubber or EPDM. Thus it can transfer various food and beverage such as milk, bear, juice, jam and many others. It’s nontoxic and odorless. Inquire the Direct Factory Price Now!

Tube: White, smooth, NR, NBR or EPDM food quality rubber
Reinforce: Multi plies high strength synthetic fabric and helix wire
Cover: smooth(wrapped finish), synthetic rubber, blue or white, weathering resistant.
Temperature:-32℃ to 80℃(-90℉ to +176℉)

food grade hose
food grade hose
food grade hose

Food Grade Hose

The Food Suction And Delivery Hose is recommended for the food transfer app that demands both flexibility and ruggedness with a clean white FDA grade tube. The food grade EPDM tube is odorless and suitable for milk, fruit juices, soft drinks, beer, wine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other non-oily food products. Its tube is made of a high-temperature synthetic rubber compound that meets 3-A, USDA and  FDA standards for food handling. Inquire the Direct Factory Price Now!

Food suction hose has a smooth bore that encourages max flow rates and inhibits bacterial growth. The cover is made of corrugated gray nitrile for flexibility and resistance to chemicals, heat, and aging. The hose is reinforced with multiple textile spirals and a dual wire helix for flexibility, strength, improved coupling retention, and kink resistance. Such food safe hose has a temperature range of -90 to +176 ℉. Besides, the food grade tubing can be used with a variety of coupling options.

Food Grade Hose Features:

FDA grade tube
Weather and abrasion resistant cover
Handling wide variety of food products
Both smooth and corrugated cover are available

Food Grade Hose Application:

FDA approved food grade pipe is designed for the delivery of foods such as milk, juice, beer, edible oil, daily products etc.

food grade rubber hose
food grade rubber hose

Food Grade Hose Specification

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How many types of food grade hose?

PVC Food Grade Hose: These hoses are made of a clear PVC material that allows the user to visually inspect the contents of the hose. They are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to handle and install.

Silicone Food Grade Hose

Rubber Food Grade Hose

Polyurethane Food Grade Hose

Teflon (PTFE) Food Grade Hose: 

Where need a rubber food hose?

Dairy Industry

Beverage Industry

Food Processing Industry

Meat Processing Industry

Bakery Industry

What can the food grade rubber hose deliver?

Milk and dairy products such as cream, yogurt, and cheese

Fruit juices, soft drinks, and carbonated beverages

Wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages

Vegetable oils, cooking oils, and fats

Chocolate, syrup, and other sweeteners

Sauces, soups, and gravies

Liquid eggs and egg products

Confectionery and bakery products such as dough, fondant, and icing

Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics that require a high degree of hygiene and safety.

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