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Pneumatic Coil Hose

Pneumatic Coil Hose can be PA or PU. Both of them has excellent elasticity and wear resistance. It widely serves in various pneumatic tools and vehicles such as truck and other heavy trucks.

pneumatic coil hose pneumatic coil hose
pneumatic coil hose pneumatic coil hose
pneumatic coil hose pneumatic coil hose


Material: PA/PU

Good elasticity, easy to operate, space saving

Excellent abrasive resistance, oil resistance, superior cold resistance

Custom hose is available

High resistance to hydrocarbons oils and chemical products

Temperature range: -40℃(-40℉) to +90℃ (+140℉)

Size: ID 4mm to 12mm

Pneumatic Coil Hose

PA/PU Coil hose Structure:

Material: PA/PU

Pneumatic Coil Hose Application:

PA/PU Coil hose used for air brake, automated machinery, coating machinery, all kinds of pneumatic tools, pneumatic & hydraulic machinery and construction. Polyether based PU coil hose is hydrolysis-resistant, anti-bacterial & fungous. PU hose and PA hose are also ideal for garden, cleaning and water hose.

Pneumatic Coil Hose Features:

1.Elastic, easy to operate, space saving
2.Absorb impact and reduce the rub
3.Custom hose is available
4.Non-toxic, smelless
5.Flexible, small bend radius

Temperature: -40℃(-40℉) to +90℃ (+140℉)

PU Coil Hose

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PA Coil Hose

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pneumatic coil hose
pneumatic coil hose
pneumatic coil hose
pneumatic coil hose

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What is a pneumatic coil hose?

A pneumatic coil hose is a type of air hose used in pneumatic (air-powered) systems. It is made of a flexible material that can coil up when not in use and stretch out when needed, making it easy to use and store.

What are some common uses for pneumatic coil hoses?

Pneumatic coil hoses are commonly used in a variety of industries and applications, such as automotive repair, construction, manufacturing, and agriculture. They can be used for tasks such as powering air tools, inflating tires, and spraying paint or other liquids.

What materials are pneumatic coil hose typically made of?

Pneumatic coil hoses can be made from a variety of materials, including polyurethane, nylon, PVC, and rubber. The choice of material depends on factors such as the intended use, the environment in which the hose will be used, and the required durability and flexibility.

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