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Double Layer Nylon Hose

Double Layer Nylon Hose is a special hose as it has a special structure which is 2 layers of nylon. PA hose has excellent resistance to chemical, wear and impact. It has excellent elasticity, so it can recover to the original shape after the external impact.  

double layer nylon hose double layer nylon hose
double layer nylon hose double layer nylon hose
double layer nylon hose double layer nylon hose

Double Layer Nylon Hose Details

Inner Tube: Polyamide

Reinforcement: Polyester fibre

Outer Tube: wear resistant Polyamide

The traditional PA pneumatic hose and the coil hose are available.

Temperature range: -45℃(-49℉) to +100℃ (+212℉)

Size: ID 3/8″ to 3/4″

Double Layer Nylon Hose

Double Layer PA Tubing is an unique kind of tubing made from polyamide resin. This material is famous for its chemical, abrasion, impact resistance. It is ideal for use with pneumatic accessory that are connected to the air brake system. Such nylon tube is only for pneumatic control, compressed air, auto, fuel, oil, hydraulic lines, etc.

Double Layer Nylon Hose Application:

For the PA hose, it is to transfer compressed air, water, oil, chemical, etc.

The nylon hose widely serves as air brake hose and power steering hose in light truck, forklift truck and loading care excavator. It’s also ideal for crane, ships, engineering machinery and control system line, paint, high pressure liquid resin spraying pipe, air condition etc.

Double Layer Nylon Hose Features:

1.High working and burst pressure
2.Small bend radius
3.Oil, wear and chemical resistant

Color: clear, black, blue, red, yellow, green, white, orange

Temperature: -45℃ (-49℉) to +100℃ (+212℉)

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What is a double layer nylon hose?

It is a type of flexible tubing or pipe made from nylon that features an inner and outer layer. The inner layer is typically made of nylon material, while the outer layer provides an additional protective barrier. This construction enhances the hose’s strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion.

Where is double layer nylon hose commonly used

Automotive: They are used in automotive fuel lines, coolant systems, hydraulic systems, and other fluid transfer applications.

Industrial: it is ideal for industrial equipment, machinery, and processes that require resistance to chemicals, oils, and abrasion.

Construction: They can be employed in construction machinery, pneumatic tools, and air compressors for efficient air or fluid transfer.

Agriculture: the nylon hose is suitable for agricultural irrigation systems, spray equipment, and fertilizing applications.

Marine: They can be used in marine environments for fluid transfer, such as in boats, yachts, and watercraft.

Can the nylon hose withstand high pressure

Such nylon hose ca nbear high pressure depends on various factors such as the specific design, construction, and diameter of the hose. It can also handle moderate to high-pressure applications by incorporating reinforcement layers, such as braided fibers or steel wire, within the hose structure. It is essential to choose a hose specifically for the desired pressure range to ensure safe and reliable operation.

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